ARRIVALS   TRACK   LAYOUT   MYSTERY   LINKS   1980s CIE Irish Rail-Northern Rail and some Artistic Licence

Places & Premises

This mobile takeaway will never get any visits from the North West Health Board (1980's forerunner of the HSE). Oddly enough a Hornby closed Signal Cabin can be purchased from Hornby and made in porcelin so cannot be modified. These inflationary times in the hobby precludes me purchasing something like this ever again. Disused TRACKS could also be bought once upon a time from shops here in Dublin, but that is even more crazy than buying a closed Signal Box like I did!

I recommended thin sheets of Balsa Wood (that can be bought in the same hobby shop oddly enough) to place in boarded up windows on your own closed station or signal cabin which can be bought as Dapol Kits.

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