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Welcome to the Junction

This is a Model Railway Enthusiast site with a Layout based in an early 1980s Irish Setting and is edited in Notepad++ . As of mid January 2023, my Model Layout is in storage although I anticipate setting up a basic layout next month in February. It is OO Gauge but of course many aspects discussed here are applicable to other larger scales. The name of it is the Model Rail Corridor and is based rather liberally along a now closed stretch of track between Claremorris and Collooney. This also sees service from Northern Rail / UTA trains along with the shown Coca Cola Christmas Train. CIE is acronymn for Coras Iompar √Čireann and UTA is short for Ulster Transport Authority.

I have also developed a database in Microsoft Access which other like-minded model railway operators may find useful: A download link to this may be found on the Layout page.

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